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  1. Whenever i hear millions of years i feel like breaking my computer!!!! It's been scientifically proven that this earth is no older than a few thousand years! So annoying. I would really love to watch God's creation without being annoyed by ignorant remarks but, that's not going to happen now is it!!!

  2. I love nature documentaries but why are 90% of all English documentaries narrated by a British man? It's as if they're trying to indirectly tell us that only British men are smart enough to know about nature and pass on that knowledge. Lol

  3. I don't get the point of creating a robotic hummingbird. Was it just because they could, or was it to mess with the real birds for something to do ? But the hummer-helmut is funny, I want one.

  4. Love it how strangers pick fights with each other in YT comments sections.. someone will write something bizarre or provactive, then strangers will take the bait….'I'm right, you're wrong'

  5. can i scroll through some good ol youtube comments on a bird documentary without seein uppity religious bitching or edgy atheists.
    they're really cool birds and being that this is a scientific documentary, it's only natural that the narrator would bring up the leading theory (evolution) on how these birds came to be. unruffle those feathers and enjoy the dang video.

    @the uploader, many thanks for the upload but the ads and hour long "subscribe to our channel" banner is low lol.

  6. It IS a wonderful wordl ! And it’s also a truly wonderful world as well. I will take them both, since they’re both here. And I’d seen the hummingbird one in the last year sometime, and it wasn’t enough. It’s wonderful to see it again, here in this tiny hummingbird wordl


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