From Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens and Academy Award-winning actor, and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, BEFORE THE FLOOD presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes now occurring around the world due to climate change. BEFORE THE FLOOD will be in theaters in NYC and LA starting October 21, and air globally on the National Geographic Channel starting October 30.
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  1. Wonder if his wonderful film has any of those beautiful newly named clouds I always see….
    i always wonder what it is that doing that? Climate change? or is it globalization & the military industrial (CONGRESSIONAL) complex poisoning uninformed populations? things that make ya go "hmmm?"

  2. Just by the way, what's always the matter with those trailers – that even on the official channels they are not capable of providing a stereo audio? I think the magnificence of this movie gets lost in such a way.
    Regarding the movie, what shall I say? Great narrator, great guest appearances, great pictures, great soundtrack for a important topic. Of course it is dramatised, but this is necessary to reach the audience, that is bedazzled by over-dramatisation these days. We are overTrumping us in interfering mother nature all the time and still believe, that such "things" like global warming cannot be done my mankind. But it's always the same: The most important things seems to change not until a disaster threatens us and our own family, at the point when money becomes worthless. May on day the naivety of the people change in something wiser.

  3. DiCaprio the hypocrite! Sure, he talks a good talk but he won't walk the walk. He knows that the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases is animal farming but he continues to eat meat. So it doesn't matter how many times environmentalist is added to his name I will continue to call him out as a hypocrite. And, it gets better. He received a production credit for Cowspiracy. No, he didn't actually produce Cowspiracy. His whole contribution was watching the film and speaking to the owners of Netflix about the film, which got the movie added within a day or two. So everyone thinks DiCaprio is now vegan but he's not. He's a fence sitter. He wants to ignore the biggest problem that we must fix while telling everyone about the other issues. Crazy, huh?

  4. how people get crazy because of a documentary and are succesfully indocrinated because of it ?
    yes we pollute the earth and that should stop but climate change is a hoax we cannot change earths climate and/or temperature
    this lie is made up so that we pay for the CO2 taxes
    don't you understand that they only want our money?
    it is so awful that in this generation a documentary, good camera works and an actor can indoctrinate so many people
    but yeah it's not the only aspect were we are indoctrinated….

  5. THE POINT of this climate change propaganda is: what can we do? and after we have done what Leo is asking, there will be no more climate change on earth?
    Is there anyone of the 97% non-denier who can speak some sense about this?

  6. a prick just like all the other hypocritical hollywood pricks like alec baldass and what's his name that spew this crap the hop on their private jets and yatchs to go all over the World.
    To quote an old Hank Jr song "Don't tell me to ride a bus and turn down my thermostat when you're running around in jets and Cadillacs" 30+ year old song that's just as revelent today!

  7. Até que enfim algo de extrema relevância para a humanidade e para todos os seres vivos. Eu assisti e sem dúvidas, não há documentário com maior conteúdo informativo que este. Estão de parabéns! Recomendo muito, principalmente para as pessoas que não enxergam o rumo que o mundo está tomando.

  8. this is the yutz that said it was climate change that caused major problems for the production of the revenant because they couldn't find any snow, yet this year there was so much snow that it prevented skiing in several states. same guy who worships gore, who said the ice cap would be gone by four years ago.

  9. im pretty sure flying to all those places instead skyping with local enviromentalist did good for nature GO LEO KEEP FLYING IN UR PRIVATE JET AND TEACH US HOW BAD WE ARE FOR USING EVERYDAY GOODS THAT WE NEED SINCE WERE NOT MILLIONAIRES


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