Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) Chief Veterinary Officer, Robert Huey, said the announcement was a major boost to the local agri-food industry worth in excess of £10m. 

“I am delighted that China’s certification agency, the CNCA has announced its final approval for Northern Ireland plants to export pork to China. I look forward to the commencement of exports.”

He said that ministerial visits to China by former Agriculture Ministers, O’Neill and McIlveen, in support of the industry were an essential element of this success story.

between Government, industry and key stakeholders is central to this announcement today.”

The new UK export deal with China will bring a £200m boost to the UK food industry and support 1,500 jobs, according to DEFRA.

In Northern Ireland, two slaughterhouses and two cold stores in Northern Ireland have now been given the green light to export pork.

Huey said the move meant that the Chinese authorities have recognised the rigorous standards we have in place to produce our high-quality, safe and wholesome pork.

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