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Thursday, July 19, 2018


Home Politics

Amber Rudd v Yvette Cooper on net migration target

Home Affairs committee chairwoman Yvette Cooper pressed Home Secretary Amber Rudd about whether she still aimed to hit the target of cutting net migration...

Corbyn challenges May on mental health

Funding for mental health is "insufficient”, leaving a crisis to be dealt with by police, friends, and neighbours, said Jeremy Corbyn.Theresa May replied the...

PM on social media bullying and harassment

One issue putting increasing pressure on the mental health of young people today was the use of social media and the "bullying and harassment"...

PMQs: Nandy asks May about child sex abuse report

A report into child sexual abuse of British children sent abroad was "damning" and "unequivocal" but there has been no response four weeks...

PMQs: Lucas asks May about Cambridge Analytica data claims

Allegations about Cambridge Analytica show "there's something rotten in the state of our democracy" says the Green Party co-leader, who added the UK's electoral...

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