Lisa Ling recalls the overpowering emotion when American couples in China meet their adopted daughters for the first time. Explorer: 25 Years airs Monday, April 19, at 9P ET/PT
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  1. I'm one of China's lost girls. Watching this video was like getting to see myself in a third person's point of view. I am grateful to be adopted into a loving family. But it still saddens me that I don't know my biological parents. I hope to one day reunite with them and have a relationship with them.

  2. Wht happens later whn the novelty wears of & if the child is not the grateful sweet child of ur expectations? The ugly truth of the underground illegal network of private rehoming becomes the reality of so many adopted children . Abandoned once again with nobody to ensure all goes well

  3. While I may not physically want to have children of my own, I do want to adopt, and adopting a daughter and son from a foreign country would be the best circumstance for me. My cousins are adopted, but they were born and raised in America. I want to travel, and I want to adopt, so it has always made sense to me to adopt as well as travel at the same time.

    It is also a good reason to adopt because at least the child knows for a fact that you wanted them. Some pregnancies aren’t planned, which results in not being wanted, while parents do love their children they didn’t necessarily believe they had kids at a time that was convenient for them. Adoption is a good way to settle that. Having a kid born out of your heart is sometimes better than having a kid born to you

  4. But yall say chinese people are smarter than black people and black people are the scum of the earth. The reason whygirls are made instead of boys is because of the father impregnating the mother with an y sperm instead of an x sperm- and they call US stupid!!!!

  5. China has that policy because of the population in China! Now the policy changed, you can have a second child but you have to pay money. One of My friend, her youngest sister was born in China and her parents wanted to keep her so they had to pay for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I would take a baby and a older one baby because it wouldn’t find out until it was older or just except it by the time they can talk and a older kid cause I would feel bad and they don’t have enough love there because there are so many kid and the older kids understand everything that’s happening

  7. I’m not feminist, but abandoning girls because of tradition is outrageous. Babies all deserve to be treated equally. Disabled, defected, even if they are this way, they are a gift. Millions of women cannot have babies. Respect to the families who adopted them! ^^

  8. Boys are first to some but girl's paved the way for them since when do you pick and choose a blessing from God that's not how it Works we are all created equal it's the government that wants all men to fight in they're army but they failed to realize strong women grow up and say umm we matter and wanna join the fight to but this time it's for humanity not greedy soul suckers that hide ????

  9. This breaks my heart. I can’t imagine how horrible it is to have to give up your child and hope they have a better life. Especially if you didn’t want to give your kid away. I’m so glad these families got to raise these kids.

  10. I think it is nice that these people adopted these girls. However I don't know that I would say it "was a beautiful thing." But there is so much about this that is not beautiful. The girls were not valued, their mothers had to give them up. And the country gave these children away like they were produce. Sorry beautiful does not quite capture it.

  11. Hello Please open your eyes and pay attention to these babies. They are very fearful and traumatized by being suddenly put into the arms of strangers. Yes, the parents are very happy – but look at the faces of these little girls. Adoption is not about the happy parents; it is about the child. Really Lisa LIng – did you not see the fear on the faces of these little girls – are you blind…… Duh…..

  12. "inexplicable joy on everyone's face" … well everyone but the babies/toddlers lol Good thing kids are really resilient. These make me cry every time! It really is beautiful to see the love these parents have.


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