This educational video shows the United States 82nd & 101st Divisions after several months of rough training, were deployed to the Mediterranean to take part in the liberation of Sicily. Its first two parachute assignments were in Sicily and Salerno which gave them invaluable new experience preparing them for the most ambitious operation in Normandy, France.



  1. My father was in WWII. There's a lot that happens in War that no one wants to talk about or know. These men and women did nothing less than save the world. So let's just hope that we as a nation never forget what these men and women did.

  2. SOS. Nothing particularly significant. Just a lot of pictures with some normal  fairly insignificant information.

  3. As a fellow 82nd paratrooper I'm glad they didn't take the media back then as we don't now. God forbid people actually know what we have to do to win wars. Airborne all the way.

  4. This paean to the airborne neglects the facts that they didn't stay in continuing combat like the regular infantry, , who did so without any breaks and they fought the same Germans the airborne did , only they weren't the darlings of the high command !

  5. The Invasion of Sicily was a cakewalk and everyone knows it. There was nominal resistance from the Italians. The Germans hadn't been encountered until the Allies reached the mainland. That's when the real fighting for Italy began.

  6. The glider boys did not receive hazard pay as the chute boys did. Even thought the guys would rather land by chute. When the 82nd found out about the gliders, over 6000 went AWOL

  7. Killer is your name Thats your job

    Killing people. WTF

    You are a famous hero because you killed people since that is your job

  8. Right at 37:27 just before the guilders land you see a series of white spots claimed gliders  White Dots don't look like any US plane or glider I have ever seen? More like the foe fighters I have seen can any Military personal who has seen them also let me know what they are or if you agree they are unidentified  Craft?    UFO??

  9. To all involved, be it well known…
    No matter the task be it Foreign or Domestic…
    -Former Sgt. William"Rock"Gilpin 82nd Abn. 1/504 Inf. Div. 11B4P (71-74) -gilpin 4-3-16


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