In 1998, 42% of Iceland’s 15 and 16 year-olds reported that they had got drunk in the past 30 days. By 2016, though, this figure had fallen to just 5% and drug use and smoking had also sharply declined. The action plan that led to this dramatic success is sometimes called “the Icelandic Model” – and strikingly, it does not focus on tighter policing or awareness campaigns to warn children off bad habits. Instead, top researchers collaborate closely with communities on initiatives like parental pledges and night-time patrols after dark, while the government invests in recreational facilities. But is being a teenager in Iceland still fun?

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  1. Iceland is a boring nanny state country. The fuck has the woman to decide if youth wants to use drugs or not. When you are 16 you are old enough to figure it out. Bunch of pussies.

  2. Amazing what can happen when people stop depending on the government to handle it all alone and BOTH communities and government work together to create a positive outcome for serious issues in society. What a shocker! Not.
    Meanwhile, here in the states the opioid epidemic continues to get worse and worse. Gee, wonder why.

  3. This is stupid and authoritarian. As a 16-year old you can absolutely be enough responsible to estimate what you can do and what you shouldn't. This actually feels like taking away personal rights. I'm happy that I could be drunk and smoking weed, without my parents being mad at me. And this is mostly normal in my circles. Still having relatively good grades and passing my finals this year. But yeah whatever: There are still stupid parents thinking that being strict and determining everything about your future is better than letting your kid follow his/her interests. This is exactly how you make loosers in our society.

  4. A proven method. Well, you know Americans won’t do it then. American hate change. Even if they see a proven method they still won’t believe it. American’s are ridiculous and that’s why nothing changes.


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