The hardest thing about living on Mars… is us. Mars returns November 12 on National Geographic.
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Mars Season 2 – Trailer | National Geographic

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  1. Before season one, I hoped humans could live on Mars with no links with money.
    During season one, I had been realising that not everyone shares this dream.
    With season two, I think I will be crying all along due to mankind cupidity… I hope it won't happen for real (I mean exploiting Mars for money) but it seems likely to happen… Unfortunatly for those who share my dream

  2. I really wish this story could be told without injecting so much conspicuous social reconstruction. It gets in the way of the story. Not only are there wagon loads of women, they’re the only ones supposedly with a clue, the only ones in charge, the only ones allowed to be daring, intuitive, emotionally stable. Yet, the ladies can’t get me excited about Mars. The action is slow and dull in many places and really could use more testosterone. The whole point of the series at least I think, is getting the public interested in Space again so it justifies the cost of these missions but this lets it down with some of the cast choices.

  3. I don't get why Nat Geo is doing these docu-dramas that intersperse fiction with non-fiction. To me, this unnecessarily blurs lines purely for dramatic titillation. I think actual reality is more than fascinating enough on its own, without having to be spiced up with artificial drama. To me, this seems more an indulgence to please the filmmakers than for the audience.

  4. Beautiful TV series. I had started following her because I like science fiction. Then the Italian television Alpha suddenly stopped transmitting it without giving any explanation. I was very sorry I even wrote to that TV to know if the broadcast, unfortunately I never received an answer. I hope that some other TV decides to buy the series that is very well done and to count all the fans that followed her.👍👍👍❤️


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