So-called “smart drugs” are drugs that can supposedly enhance your cognitive abilities. People all over the world are taking them in universities, offices and the comfort of their own home – to get ahead of the game. One drug, Modafinil – is amongst the most popular. It was labelled in August 2015 as the world’s first “safe” smart drug – off the back of research from Harvard and Oxford University. But is this true? And do “smart drugs” actually work? In this film, our reporter Benjamin Zand tries a drug himself – as he takes a first-hand look inside the world of so-called smart drugs.

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  1. The test he took wasn't reliable cause he did the first test with no medication not knowing what the test would be like completely and the second time with modafinil he basically already had a practise run so it was obvious he was going to score higher….

  2. They have managed to write dissertations within a few days and accomplished a week's worth of work within one day?

    Yeah… there is no need for "Drugs". Moderate sleep deprivation combined with high caffeine intake yield the same results.

  3. Shouldnt Modafinil be a prime treatment for Alzheimers disease then? I ask because my father has this terrible diseasse and I would give anything IMAGINABLE to somehow help him.

  4. For anyone reading this be careful with your dosage especially if pairing with caffeine. My first time taking Moda I was stupid and misread the mg in a tablet. I took 2 400mg tablets and had about 150 mg of caffeine. That night I just became a completely different person and honestly it was bad. I was doing hard labor and just couldn't stop. I worked past the limits of my coworker who had more than my bodyweight on me in pure muscle. I worked through lunch and topped several productivity records. The worst part wasn't having to call out sick the next day when I woke up and couldn't move because of my back spasming, it was having felt so amazing while at work. I felt better than I ever had in energy and clarity. I dropped a 20 pound part and it was like being in the zone I saw it just slow down and hang there as I plucked it out of the air. It's horrifying how amazing I felt and how it crippled me for days after. Don't overdose and use with large amounts of caffeine (that amount of caffeine was too much for me without my l-theanine anyway)

  5. The lack of appetite can come back. I take Ritalin and my appetite came back. I have no side effects at all. I take it for Narcolepsy. It helps with falling asleep and being able to focus, but does nothing for energy levels. I still have fatigue. It also doesn't give me super amounts of focus, probably because my focus levels without medication are very low from the Narcolepsy. Without medication, I fall asleep reading or doing anything quiet or repetitive.

  6. As far as i can see modafinil just seems to resemble a low dosage of any amphetamine…you still build up a tolerance, youre still going to crash when it wears off

  7. Your body tries to push everything you put in it out! So blood tests showing the presence of drug metabolites while you're taking the drug is normal and actually a sign that your liver works properly, not that your body doesn't like it. Sorry mate, but this documenyary is in complete ignorance of the very basic concepts in pharmacology. I like my modafinil.


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