The daughter of an ex-Russian spy poisoned in Salisbury has said she is “lucky to be alive” after the attack.

Yulia Skripal and her father, Sergei, were exposed to nerve agent Novichok in the city on 4 March.

In her first filmed public statement since the attack, Ms Skripal told Reuters that her life had been “turned upside down” but she hoped to return to Russia in the future.

Her father was discharged from hospital earlier this month.

Ms Skripal spent six weeks in Salisbury District Hospital, and was discharged after doctors there said she had responded “exceptionally well” to treatment.

Speaking to the news agency, she said she was continuing “to progress with treatment” and her focus remains on her recovery.

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  1. Definitely she reads the text because her speech is very smooth and fluent and not at all shows any signs of shyness. All this is a staged show. I could suppose they will soon find a small size photo of Putin along with the empty poison container. (If they were the arab terrorists they would have found Quran ). The phase one is to demonize Putin and Russia no matter if proof is available or not. The phase two is to make the World to believe that Putin and Russia is the evil. The Phase three is the deserved punishment which is war. I have just commented the phases before the USA started annihilation of Iraq.

  2. She's very good at reading the statement British Intelligence prepared for her. It is disturbing that Reuters would collaborate in the circus. I want to see Yulia and Sergei Skripal give a live interview to the BBC, CNN, AFP, etc., if at that this late date such an event be biologically possible.

  3. It is amazing to see the number of Kremlin Bots in the comments, literally makes me think they've got hundreds of people employed somewhere to do nothing but spread pro Kremlin crap all day all night.

  4. I can't imagine WHY she wouldn't want to meet with the Russian consular officials… I'm sure they just wanted to offer her a nice cup of tea. They're firing up their reactor… err I mean firing up their 'samovar' right now to warm it up for her.

  5. Here's a new case of poisoning in England . A man found a wrapped bottle that he though was a fine perfume. He gave it to the woman. She used it and got sick, He probably touched it but had a strange reaction. No mentioning of Putin, GRU, FSB, RF. this time..Feel free to reply to me as what you think about this case compared to Scripal case..and on Scripal case.
    Use both Like Dislike so I could get a poll of what people think > This is from :

  6. The main and main spy in the united kingdom is ROMAN ABRAMOVICH (an employee of the SVR of Russia). He is sent to BRITAIN to create problems for the now-bold Boris Berezovsky. Borisov Berezovsky is the most important person. The main thing is to enter the British elite (starting with the purchase of the Chelsea football club).

  7. If for some weird reason Russians were to want to kill the former spy- they could do it with a pen-knife ten times over within 24 hours. Just as sure, quiet and cheap method. NOT the expensive and risky operation BBC wants us to believe. The 2nd best method: a small caliber hand gun. 100% sure. Would create no story. Why would Russians use weapon grade poison? The most idiotic idea. I d rather believe they would use a tactical nuke to do the job. And what s more- the guy survived the attack! Would you believe it? If it were really a weapon-grade poison, he d be dead and rotting within seconds. Most likely nobody was ever poisoned at all- this was a staged, propaganda piece. And later, when they realized no one had really believed in this, they had to produce a body to make it more plausible, so they went and overdosed some drug addict and said that was Russian poison again. So pathetic.

  8. вот тебе не стыдно за этот пиздеж? 20 дней комы… ты вообще видила людей, которые 3 минуты хотя бы в коме были, чтоб говорить такую ересь?

  9. It’s a miracle: Yulia is alive, safe and sound)))
    Teresa May, you should fire your advisors for if it were really military grade nerve gas Novichok Yulia would be certainly dead or crippled as well as her father and hundreds more people around them…
    P.S. The text is written by the English not by Yulia for sure.
    In Russian we never say ‘my country’, we always say ‘our country’. It’s a typical mistake for foreigners learning Russian)
    P.P.S. Yulia says she wants to return to Russia. Whether it’s VERY strange (suicidal) of her or she herself believes or KNOWS that Russia has nothing to do with this British circus)))

  10. what gives me hope in this world is all the comments I read in these videos, clearly shows that the western propaganda machine has finally reached its end in trying to convince masses in their lies to demonise Russia and its allies.

  11. Just a question for native Russian speakers. I speak a bit of Russian myself and I noticed that at around the 1:34 mark she said "как я говорил". Should she have said "как я говорила"? Or am I just not hearing the а at the end? Спасибо большое

  12. What did you do to her British, is unforgivable. Skripal was MI6 spy, not Russian spy. No matter what you say the world KNOWS. Not the 1st time you do it and blame others. Despicable act, but don't forget what goes around comes around.

  13. I hope the Skripals can both put this behind them with as little damage to them psychologically and physically as possible.
    To the evil system that subjected them to these things, Karma is reality.

  14. Russians never say "I ask that everyone respects the privacy of me…" because there is no such idiom in Russian, but common for native speech. Given her and her father's limited English this is clearly translated from English speech she couldn't be able to write on her own.

  15. It looks like she is reading a text translated from English into Russian by some non-native Russian-speaking person. Her phrases sound so weird that there is no doubt she wasn't permitted to correct them at all.

  16. Вы кому это пытаетесь втереть, бриты?! Фейк, в который даже дети не поверят. Русский никогда не скажет: " я надеюсь вернуться в мою страну…" ! Вы совсем мудаки, да?


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