Michael Fuller, who has autism, could play Mozart by ear at the age of 11.
Now that he’s 17, his mum says it’s like he can “download music into his head”.
By Hannah Gelbart and Alex Taylor
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  1. So proud of him! I actually know Michael because my mum teaches him singing. She came across him when he was in a music room at his old secondary school and she already teaches singing there. He was playing piano and singing in his countertenor range. My mum thought it was amazing and decided to put him down for lessons. He then moved to College (I go there now too) and it’s so amazing to see him perform, especially his originals. I’ve now found out how he makes his own compositions and it’s absolutely fascinating to hear about how he does it. I think he’s got a great career ahead of him. If you are into classical music, he has a song called “great is the grief” and you can get it on iTunes and Spotify. It’s already on YouTube as well so you can listen there

  2. Autistic ppl are creative and smart. Except the ones that act like toddlers, scream and have severe brain damage and act weird and stupid. I'm talking about the unique ones that have mind blowing ideas and change the world

  3. God bless you man. You and all people likes you are not sick you belong different world more closely to our God then us. Greetings to you from Christian Russian.


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