PM Theresa May discusses with Andrew Marr the unveiling of a £20bn boost to the NHS, the future of Brexit and what she plans to do with the upskirting law.

(Apologies for the recording ending abruptly, it’s due to technical reasons. You should be able to watch the full interview on the BBC IPlayer shortly)



  1. Maybe Theresa May is done this on purpose,hoping for a no deal her way out .A no deal will be the best outcome,so WTO can come in.These leaders look for a way out,when the heat in the kitchen comes on top of them.Cameron a prime example,he knew and got out.The evil Tony Blair who really started it all,mass immigration Iraq war,he left this mess a very wealthy man,with blood on his hands.

  2. Every time there’s a new interview with Theresa May I settle down to watch it from start to finish to educate myself on the current affairs of my country. And yet again, once the interview has finished I still have no clue what’s going on.
    She waffles on, side steps important questions and doesn’t give me any faith in her at all.
    Time will tell if she has done a good job with Brexit, unfortunately we won’t know anything until March 2019 coz she’s gives nothing away

  3. Trump's mother is British. When he visited London, his love for England and the queen of England was for the same national identity, which other races did not have.

  4. Trump's mother is British. When he visited London, his love for England and the queen of England was for the same national identity, which other races did not have.

  5. Half in/Half out Theresa May is just weak and feeble, she's no leader. She would rather pick on leave supporting MP's than remainer traitors, and that's just what she's doing.

  6. Theresa May has lied to the British people on getting out of the EU, she is dishonest. I've lost faith in the British political and legal system which is ful- on corrupt! This week we will hear that she will use her majority remain cabinet and remain advisors into bullying the Brexit MP's into a half in/half out Brexit, and into kicking us even further along the road, this woman is a bad joke. Where is the leadership? Where is the courage? She has made our country a laughing stock, she is an embarrassment by going along to the EU with a begging bowl rather that standing up to them. I feel sorry for our country having her as our PM when we didn't even have the choice, she was shoe horned in against our wishes.

  7. When leftie BBC remoaner loony Andrew Marr asked if Mrs May remained true to her word I though he meant about getting Britain out of the EU but he challenged her on keeping her word with the remainer rebels, this is typical bias BBC stuff, they and Sky have 90% remoaner guest, mainly the rebels and when they do have the PM on they challenge her on not respecting the Tory rebels. The BBC and the Andrew Marr show are disgustingly bias and anti Brexit.

  8. I love last pmq she said it was wrong that she said 600 m each week cos of brexit in part which corbyn said , but is wrong that the sums don't add up cos 31,b cost of 600 m a week manual bill , but 12 billion savings a year from credit which starts in 2022

  9. If Britain opens the doors and does not stop the Russian oligarch immigration – how can ower government protect ower own British people? Or how many Brits have to die in future?
    My advice: Stop the immigration!

  10. This is an electoral promise, nothing more do not get deceived. The dates she mention 2023/2024 are already after the 2020/2021 election race. May is already doing the electoral campaign for the 2020/2021 election. So chances are, that she will not even be around to get the backlash of the unfulfilled promise of increased funding and improvement for the NHS.

  11. I know a lot of people don't like her, but I think Theresa is doing a great job. She can speak well and is great with foreign relations. The problems with the NHS aren't her fault, and I wish her good luck in fixing it and securing us a good Brexit. Just wish she would keep London under a little more control.

  12. No one will mention that pure maths indicates that mass immigration might just be contributing to pressures on the NHS and housing.
    Sadly, the obvious truth is buried underneath false and despicable accusations of “racism” by the cowardly traitors in government and MSM!


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