We never used to hear about the weekly disco at Ballybanana Road Bowling Club, for instance. Or for that matter, the one at “de yoot club” in some inner-sidee Dubbalin hell-hole.

But this was Donnybrook, don’t you know, rugby country, home of this country’s great and good, which is why “Wezz” seemed as familiar to many of us non-D4 people as our own local events. I mean, we even knew that stupid nickname “Wezz”.

One of The Wezz’s promotional posters, advertising an alcohol-free event.

Anyway, enough socio-political ranting. The disco for 13- and 14-year-olds closed in 2015, after some 40 years, but has left an enjoyable legacy in Love Letter to Wezz, a documentary just aired on Radio 1.

Reminiscences of slow sets, mini-skirts, enduring friendships, hair-gel, Ugg boots and Maniac 2000 – Love Letter to Wezz was funny, entertaining and rather sweet…even if those horrendous cod-American accents (including the narrator’s) will make you want to seal your ears with molten lead.

Here are ten choice quotes:

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